What you can find in MM Bridge Academy

MM Bridge Academy focuses on online teaching and self-improvement. You can learn mainly through watching pre-recorded video lessons and following up with exercises and written materials. 

You can learn on your own, with your partner, or the best within a group of friends. You can find friends in our community and play with them either online or meet at clubs, bridge festivals, tournaments, or championships.

Sample lessons and materials are free, some you get free after registration, and many will be available after you become a full member or if you buy specific courses.

At this moment, we create content for advanced bridge players who wants to improve their game. but we will work also on content for beginners and newcomers as well as content for national and internation players who want to compete on the highest levels.

Here is a small taste of our main content

Watch these free lessons to get an idea of what you can find inside the member section.

Complete set of hand evaluation methods – from beginners up to experts. We have a unique approach that you will not find anywhere else.
By becoming a member, you will get a complete description of a standard bidding system. Have a look at how we play after 2♥/♠ openings.
Interesting boards analyzed from various perspectives. You can enjoy these videos on the way to work/school, during your coffee breaks, or any time you want. Full members get a new video every working day.
First bridge lessons for complete beginners. Learn the basic rules, taking tricks, and natural bidding. We are working on these lessons, please, be patient.

If you want to get more free content, register for free or become a full member to get access to all features and lessons.

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