Play or practise bridge online


Practice with human partner

The best app for partnership bidding. You can either practice random or specific hands or play daily or weekly tournaments which makes the training much more fun.

You are compared with other players, but your goal is to find the best possible contract in the bidding. The final contract is declared 1,000 times and your score is the average score achieved by double dummy card play.


Play with human players

A new developing server where you can play with real human players and see them on camera.

The best alternative for social games with friends or your bridge club since you can see each other during the game and have a real chat with no need to run other apps.

MM bridge academy uses this server for training, team matches, and tournaments.

After pairs tournaments, you get personal statistics, find out more here.


Play mainly with robots

A computer-based app where both your partner and your opponents are robots. The AI is called Argine and can play very well, but makes some basic mistakes. 

Still, alltogether, it is a great way to have fun playing bridge in a very short time and compare yourself with hundreds of other players.

There are plenty of modes including card play problems. 

If you are younger than 18, contact us, and we will arrange a free PREMIUM subscription to Funbridge.

Bridge Base online

Play with human players or computer, watch live broadcasts

One of the oldest server(s) where you can play with real players, but also with robots.

It provides tournament streaming from all over the world and from major championships.

You can participate in Federation tournaments and collect Master points or just run a casual game with friends.