Learn the declarer play with "Bridge master"

You are always South and the contract is already set. You play from both hands and you try to make your contract. 

Be careful, the opponents adjust their cards according to your play. If you playthe cards well, you can win.

Play with a robot on "Funbridge"

You are always South and your partner and opponents are robots. 

You can choose from various game modes and levels.

Play with your friends on "Intobridge"

Create a table and invite your friends. If you are not 4, you can substitute human players with a robot. You can also play on your own with 3 robots.

The robot plays according to bridge rules, but with 4 human players, you can play "Mini bridge" rules and set the contract oraly via webcams and phones.

You have to register before you play.

Planet Hool – easy trick-taking games and puzzles

KIDA – Download the app and solve bridge puzzles.

Hool – game for 4 players. Easy way how to exchange information in bidding. You set up the contract and play like in bridge.

Faeko – Easy trick-taking game like "Contracts". Just create a table and send  the link to your friends to connect. You can play with 2-6 players

Play with a robot on "Tricky bridge"

Learn bridge interactively with a robot. Compete in tournaments and collect skins of cards and tables.