Our vision and mission

Bridge is a wonderful game and it deserves our full atention.

  • To connect people all around the world in a friendly and supportive community.
  • To teach people to think logically and strategically and allow them to understand WHY we learn the way we are taught.
  • To improve the game and make it accessible to everyone.
  • To offer a unified approach so players from all over the world can understand each other instantly.
  • To involve the young generation and give them a chance to compete, meet, and have fun.

WHY to learn from Milan?

Full devotion

Our life is bridge and we are completely devoted to improving the game and the players.

Modern approach

We have studied the game closely and we are able to provide information and methods that you cannot find anywhere else.


Learn the basics and build on them throughout your bridge career. Don't waste time by learning things you will not need in the future.

Over 20 years of experience

Milan has been playing at the top level for more than 20 years and has focused on teaching for more than 10 years.

100% guarantee

If you are not happy with your teaching plan, let us know and we will offer more suitable plan for you or return your investment.

Budget friendly

Start learning for free and become an expert with the low investment. Stop paying for expensive courses.

Visually appealing

There are plenty of bridge books, but not many help you with visual aids. Allow your eyes to remember most of the content.


Learn bridge from home and on any device. Save time and costs and spend more time playing or with your family and friends.