Beginners bidding rules

Follow these rules, cooperate with your partner, and find a good contract fast and easy.

Rule 1:

If you don't have anything – DO NOT bid.

Rule 2:

If you have something – BID.

Rule 3:

Bid what you want to play.

Rule 4:

The higher you bid the stronger you are.

Rule 5:

If you know you have a combined strength for the game (25+ HCP or 6.5+ HT), bid the game.

Rule 6:

Bidding the suit twice sets the trumps.

Rule 7:

Bidding 2 suits show at least 9 cards in both suits – 54+.

Rule 8:

Bid your longest suit first. If you have 5 cards in two suits, bid the higher ranking one first.

Rule 9:

If you have a fit (8 cards with your partner) in the Major suit, support your partner.

Rule 10:

Do not bid the slam unless you have 34+ HCP or 8.5+ HT

3 key words in the bidding you must know and understand

NF! – non-forcing

F1! – forcing one round

GF! – game forcing